Keira Boertzel-Smith Cut-Paper Art

In 2000, my family moved to a new part of the country. With this move came an internal shift for me, as I decided that in this new location I would have the goal of presenting my artistic creativity to the public. Before 2000, art was my private form of therapy to process life.  In 2000, through volunteer opportunities in my children's schools, I began to offer my art as visual contributions to the community. Luckily, my art was well received. By 2006, I had developed a group of fellow artists and began to exhibit and sell my work with them, and eventually alone. Please see my galleries to view samples pieces and the continuing evolution of my work. My artist style and love of color are inspired by my life experiences, love of animals and islands, mother and artist Barbara Moon Boertzel (, artist Paul Gauguin, and artist Eric Carle.

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